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Global Net

General Questions

What is Global Net?

We are a Montana owned and operated internet service provider delivering high speed internet to our friends and neighbors in Montana for over 18 years.

Is Global Net available in my area?

We cover a vast area of Montana with high speed internet. Check the coverage map above to find your location, send an inquiry to our Sales staff from this site, or call us at 406-587-5095 Ext 1.

Does Global Net limit or cap my data usage?

No, Global Net does not limit your usage. If your usage is abnormally high on a residential plan, we may contact you to either troubleshoot possible virus/malware issues or discuss options to maintain your usage which may require a change in service plans.

Do I need to have a cable or phone line?
No, we can deliver internet connections to many remote locations. Global Net is wireless from our network of towers and repeaters directly to your home or business.
Is this satellite based service?
No, we utilized land based towers close to you to get the best delivery connection possible.
Is this a fast internet connection?
Yes, our network includes different types of delivery in some areas but all of our connections are high speed and many are faster than standard cable or DSL. We have fiber, X-Fiber and high speed wireless. Check out the Plans for your needs above. We will help you find the right service and the right Plan for you. Most of our residential Plans support NetFlix and other streaming content providers and all are configured to make that movie or show run better on Global Net.
What equipment will I need?
We install a small dish, less than ½ the size of a satellite dish and run the cable to the location in the house you want the internet connection. A wireless router is needed to have WiFi to your devices and can be purchase from Global Net or any provider.
What happens if I have a technical problem?

Global Net has Call Center Tech Support standing by to help you 24/7/365 at 406-587-5095 Ext 2. If they cannot resolve the problem a trouble ticket is created and escalated to a local support technician. If the problem is an internet connection issue or a failure in our equipment we will make a service call to your place and repair with no charges.

Do you have auto billing?
Do you use contract installers and technicians to install and service my account?
Will I need to sign a contracts or pay any early termination penalties?
No, we have always believed that we need to earn your business….. not lock you into a legal agreement where you are stuck with us. You can cancel with a 30 day written notice.
Will my bill for service actually be the amount listed with my Plan?
Yes, once your installation is completed your bill for your Global Net Service will be the same amount each month due on the same day every month.
Does Global Net share or sell my information or my internet history?
Absolutely not! We respect your privacy and do not record your browser information or share your personal information.
How can I get started?

Fill out the Request Service Form or call our friendly Sales Staff to set up an account and an Installation Appointment at 406-587-5095 Ext 2.

Customer Portal Questions

What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal gives you access to all your Account Information such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Account Status
  • Payment Methods
  • Recent Payments & Charges
  • Invoices
  • Speed Test
    • Test your speeds with the built in SpeedTest.Net server
  • Ticketing System
    • For issues that do not require urgent or immediate attention, you can now create your own Trouble Ticket through our Automated Ticketing System! For immediate help with service affecting issues our 24/7 Technical Support Team is standing by and can be reached by phone at (406)587-5095 ext. 2
How do I access the Customer Portal?
What’s my Username and Password?
Your Username is typically the email address we have on file. If you have not accessed the Customer Portal before, please click the “Forgot your password?” link and follow instructions.

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