About Global Net

Customer-Focused Organization

Our solutions are focused on delivering you the bandwidth you need with the service and support you require.  We specialize in the ability to deliver solutions to areas where tranditional wire-line carriers can’t provide reliable or affordable alternatives.

Your organization depends on data communication to interact with customers, suppliers, and associates.  Our goal is to deliver a broadband solution that fits our partner’s best interest.

We are a customer focused organization committed to results that provide value beyond your expectations.  This translates into a compelling set of reasons to develop a long-term relationship with Global Net.

Global Net Services are designed to meet your organization’s demanding needs for exchanging information.  As your business grows, the ability to transfer more information faster becomes increasingly critical.  You need to share more types of information – data, voice, and video – between more people faster then you ever have before.

Your Global Net Representative will provide you with a free consultation to assess the Global Net service package that is right for your business.  Whether you’re a business of one, a branch office, or a major employer in your area, Global Net can custom-design a high speed Internet access system to fit your budget and your ever-changing needs.

Our Team

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Customers come First

Global Net, a Montana Company, is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) with 18 years in the business. Our core business is providing high-speed broadband Internet to rural markets. Global Net understands that our customers come first! We take pride in our commitment to customer service and support and thank all of our customers for their continued loyalty.

Vision Statement

“Technologies change.
Values don’t.
Your priorities will always be ours.”

Mission Statement

To become the most trusted and reliable Wireless Internet Service Provider in Montana by achieving 95% customer retention, customer satisfaction rating of over 98% and a referral goal of 50% or greater.


Internet Plans

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  • “Global Net along with Vonage for my phone has saved me on my monthly bill.  The service is much faster than my old internet.  Customer service has been great and their billing process is easy to understand.  It was a smart business move for my company!”  Dustin, Great Falls

  • “I am a thoroughly satisfied subscriber to the Global Net high speed internet access network.” Global Net has kept pace with the technology by provider ever faster and more reliable service over the years. When a subscriber is having problems, the Global Net staff makes resolution of the problem their top priority. Recently Global Net has implemented an improved 24/7 hotline system. My questions have been answered promptly and expertly whenever issues have arisen.  I recommend Global Net in the very strongest terms to users who demand the highest quality internet service and reliable, accessible service to support it.” Ed, Manhattan

  • “Ok, I gotta tell you… this internet FLYs!!! Holy Moly! Thank you!!” Jennifer, Belgrade

  • “Within 45 minutes of my call this morning reporting that I had no internet connection, Global Net had us up and running again.  Thank you for the superb service.” Alice, Bozeman

  • “You guys are a pleasure to deal with.  Will let you know when I get the new cable run and your guys can have fun on the roof” Roger, Bozeman

  • “Please pass on a big THANK YOU to the tech people. I immediately cancelled Hughes and have taken the receiver off the side of my house. It is so nice running Global Net…” Gary, Three Forks

  • “I am really happy with my Global Net connection, I use high speed internet service for my business and I never have a real problem. If something minor arises, Global Net is quick to fix the issue and pleasant to deal with”  Mark, Great Falls