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• Business Phone 
• Video Surveillance 
• WiFi Networks
• server installtion
• Office Networking
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Global Net has years of experience building advanced business networks.  We can take your new business and build it from the ground up or rebuild your existing infrastructure to accommodate your existing and future plans.  From Campgrounds to Enterprise Business, we've got the team of experts to support your needs.

Business Phone Systems

Our Business Phone Setup ensures the best user experience by providing you with one single web interface to manage internal & external communication across multiple channels including: 

  • Real-time communication with internal and external users: audio and video calls, conferencing, desktop sharing, corporate chat.
  • Online access to shared phonebooks & presence information on any device: PC, desk phones, DECT handsets, mobile devices.
  • Entirely web-based and intuitive collaboration interface available in the browser, no end-user training necessary.

We've been able to save customers more than 50% on their monthly phone service, saving them thousands of dollars each year!

Your business runs on technology and reliable communication is an essential part of its success. Stay ahead of the curve! Let us show you what our advanced VoIP Phone Service can do for your Business!

Unifying communication tasks allows you to streamline daily operations, boost workplace productivity, increase employee engagement and improve the customer service. Collaboration is entirely web based and accessible via the browser, without installing any client or software, on any OS (Linux, Mac OS, Windows). A single user interface for any type of internal and external communication:

  • one single place to manage all the contacts
  • one single place to make calls from
  • one place for internal / external videoconferences
  • corporate chat with one or multiple colleagues
  • desktop sharing and file exchange

Collaboration web interface is intuitive and simple to use. It ensures the seamless user experience across multiple platforms: PC / Android / iOS. Integration with CRMs and applications makes it possible to access Unified Communications services from software used in the company.

Video Surveillance Systems

Powerful Management Software

Use the mobile app for easy camera management and live streaming from an iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet.

HD Image Quality up to 1080

Get incredible video detail you need to keep an eye on every detail.


We create systems both large and small with the ability to increase the number of cameras as your needs increase.

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Commercial Wifi & Networking

Global Net has trained professionals that can transform your infrastructure from a headache to a full featured, manageable network that will handle your
most demanding needs with ease. From wireless conectivity in those hard to reach areas to a backbone infrustructure that's reliable and secure. We can
rebuild your network from the ground up, ensuring you've got the documentation, resources and understanding necessary to move forward without fear of the
next catastrophic event. If you prefer the hands-off approach, let us manage your network for you! Have piece-of-mind knowing that there's a trained and
certified team standing by to diagnose and repair any issues that may arrise.

We've got years of networking experience in Public Services, Corporate Buildings, Parks and Recreation, Special Event Venues, Emergency Communications
and much more.


  • Significantly lower cost of installation than wired solutions
  • No residual cost of ownership
  • Can be installed on existing infrustructure
  • Rapid Deployment


  • Office Connectivity
  • Public Interests
  • Survelliance
  • Guest Services
  • VoIP Communications
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Security Systems


  • Indoor/Outdoor Solutions
  • Intuitive Configuration
  • Robust Control and Monitoring
  • Custom Maps and Google Maps
  • Sleek Industrial Design
  • Flexible Installation
  • Logging of Critical Events
  • Interactive User Interface
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • VLAN Functionality
  • Group based bandwidth shaping
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Tower Services

  • Tower Lighting, Painting, and Inspection
  • Cable Installation, Connectorization, and Certification
  • Antenna Installation
  • Microwave Installation and Optimization
  • Tower Construction – On a Site by Site Basis – Guyed towers up to 100 feet in Rohn 25,45,55,65 Models, Free Standing depending upon the heights.
  • Grounding Installation
  • Site Wiring and Equipment Installation
  • Employees – Safety One – Tower Safety and Rescue Certified, OSHA Certified, RSI – RF Exposure Certified, Mobile Equipment Certified, 10 Years of Climbing Experience,  
  • Company – Insured for Structure Construction and Climbers
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