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High Speed WAN networks

Wireless Communication Throughout your system!


  • Significantly lower cost of installation than fixed infrastructure communication options
  • No residual cost of ownership
  • No bandwidth usage fees
  • Can be installed on existing infrastructure


  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Survelliance
  • Substation Security
  • VOIP
  • Remote office connectivity
  • Integrates with existing communication systems


  • Weather proof ODU allows for consistent RF performance due to NO RF coaxial cable runs.
  • Operating range -30C to 50C.
  • Flexible installation possible. Remote powering.
  • Meets Ethernet 100m standards.
  • CAT-5 RJ45 for fast and efficient cabling installation.
  • Surge and Static protection built-in.
  • Active scanning of all signal sources.
  • Remote management via Telnet, SNMP, and SSH.
  • Access filtering from Ethernet or wireless link.
  • Local or remote logging of critical events.
  • Fully interactive user interface for real-time monitoring.
  • Layer 4 bandwidth shaping and prioritization.
  • Compression and encryption (128bit SSL) for ISP based DSLAM style system.
  • IP Layer 4 protocol filtering.
  • Layer 2 Transparent bridging, NAT routing or Routing.
  • Advanced tunneling for Private-Line installations.

“WAN Networking. A custom packaging of the Global Net Wireless networking core is being utilized as a Pt-to-Pt device. The scalability and high density networking power given the low cost makes the device an attractive solution for many such WAN networking applications.”